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Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance

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Annual Travel Insurance

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Our Annual Multi Trip Policy is perfect for those that get the opportunity to escape more than once a year from the vagaries of the British climate. It includes an unlimited number of trips away, covering all your short breaks as well as your longer trips away. You can choose how long you need your maximum trip duration for – up to 31, 45 or 60 days, depending on what you need. Each insured must be no more than 74 years old at the date of policy issue. If you are under 65 you will also have the option to purchase your Annual Multi Trip inclusive of 17 days winter sports.

An annual holiday insurance policy gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can "just go" without worrying that you need to book your cover for every trip!

NEW! We can now cover up to the age of 74 on our great value Annual Policies!

Key Benefits

  • Low cost Excellent coverage
  • 14 day money back warranty
  • Kids free on a family policy
  • Many activities covered free
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
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25 Years of Excellence and Quality Service

Why choose Atlasdirect?

  • Over 10 Million Clients Trusted Atlas
  • Price Promise
  • High Levels of Cover
  • Up to a maximum of 60 days per trip*
  • Instant Coverage
  • Business Cover Included

Unlimited Number of Trips – Travel as many times as you like throughout the year as long as no individual trip exceeds the maximum trip duration
*A selective choice of either a maximum duration of up to 31 Days, 45 Days or 60 Days stay for any one trip (maximum of 31 days over 64 years of age)
Option to include up to 17 days winter sports (per annual period of insurance)
Age Limit – each insured person must be under 75 at the date of policy issue (under 65 for Winter Sports)
Family policies include you, your spouse/partner and dependent children/grandchildren under the age of 19 years

Please remember that, if you want additional cover for hazardous activities, this is optional and can be selected during the quotation process.


We are confident that when it comes to top quality cover, value for money, and excellent customer service you won’t find a better travel insurance specialist. If you have any queries regarding Atlas products please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

Choose Atlas Direct for your Annual Travel Insurance for complete peace of mind during your travels for the year.

Atlasdirect could help save money on your Travel Insurance. To view the best insurance prices, see how we compare.

Schedule of Benefits

Cancellation, Curtailment or Trip Interruption: up to £3,000

We will compensate any irrecoverable unused travel accommodation costs and other pre-paid charges which you have paid or incur as a result of cancellation of the trip, curtailed or any interruption.

Medical Emergency or Repatriation: up to £10 million

Whether you suffering unforeseen injury, illness, disease, compulsory quarantine on the orders of a treating medical practitioner, which includes emergency medical, surgical or ambulance and nursing fees and charges incurred.

Emergency Dental Treatment: up to £200

We will give you costs of emergency dental treatment to natural teeth.

Additional Accommodation and Travelling Costs: up to £1,000

We will cover expenses which are necessarily incurred for a travelling companion, transport and transport expenses.

Hospital Daily Benefit: up to £1,000

You will have hospital daily benefit for every complete 24 hours you stay in hospital as in-patient or treating.

Missed departure on the Outward journey: up to £600

This will protects you if you fail to arrive at the departure point in time to board the scheduled.

Travel Delay: up to £250

Coverage for travel delayed for at least 12 consecutive hours.

Luggage Delay on your Outward Journey: up to £200

If the Baggage is temporarily lost in transit during outward journey and not return to you within 24 hours, we will give replacement costs.

Holiday Abandonment up to £3,000

Coverage if you have to abandon your holiday after 24 hours delay

Money and Travel Documents: up to £500

If passport, visa or personal money which has been lost or stolen, you are covered. so you can enjoy your holidays.

Personal Liability: up to £2 million

Any Legal Costs and Expenses against any amount you become legally liable to pay as compensation for any cliam or series of claims arising, you are cover for that.

Personal Luggage: up to £2,000

We will cover for the accidental loss, theft or damage to baggage/valuables. We will also provide you with replacement, reinstate or repair the lost or damaged Baggage/Valuables.

Personal Accident: up to £25,000

We will pay if you sustain bodily injury which shall solely and independently of any other cause, result within two years in your death, loss of limb, loss of sight or permanent total disablement.

Overseas Legal Protection: up to £25,000

You are cover for Legal Expenses to pursue a civil action for compensation if someone else causes you bodily injury, illnes or death.

Mugging: up to £500

We will pay you for every complete period of 24 hours you receive in-patient hospital treatment.

Hijack: up to £1,000

We will pay you for Hijack of the transport on which you are travelling period of 24 hours.

Catastrophe Cover: up to £500

If the tour company is unable to assist and you are forced to move from the pre-booked accomodation incurred to continue with trip, you will cover.

Optional Winter Sports cover available for an additional premium

Skis and Ski Equipment: up to £500

You are cover for the accidental loss of, theft of or damage to your own Ski Equipment and for hired Ski Equipment.

Cancellation or Curtailment of Your Ski Pack: £75 per day, up to £300

Lift Pass: up to £250

If you lose your lift pass, we will pay you the amount for the unused portion of your lift pass.

Ski Equipment Delay: £20 per day up to £300

We will pay you for the reasonable cost of hiring replacement Ski Equipment as a result of the accidental loss of, theft of or damage to, or temporary loss in transit for more than 24 hours of your own Ski Equipment.

Piste Closure: £20 per day up to £200

You are cover for every complete 24 hour period for the cost of transport to an alternative site if lack of snow conditions results in the closure of skiing facilities in your resort and it is not possible to ski.

Delay due to Avalanche or Landslide: up to £200

If an avalanche or landslide results in the closure of skiing facilities in your resort and it is not possible to ski, you will get cover for the cost of transport organised by the tour operator.

Automatic Business Cover available for all business travellers

Business Samples and Documents: up to £500

For the accidentally loss, theft or damage to business samples and documents used by you in support of your business activity, we may replace, reinstate or repair the lost or damaged for you. The amount payable will be the value at today’s prices less a deduction for wear, tear and depreciation.

Replacement Employee: up to £1,500

We will pay you for reasonable additional transport (economy class) and accomodation expenses incurred for a business colleague to replace you in your location abroad.

Optional Golf Cover available for an additional premium

Golf Equipment: up to £1,500

If your own Golf Equipment get loss, theft or damage, we may replace, reinstate or repair the lost or damaged Golf Equipment.

Golf Equipment Hire: £30 per day up to £300

You are cover for each 24 hour period, for the cost of necessary hire of Golf Equipment if its accidental loss, theft, damage or temporary loss in transit during the outward journey for at least 24 hours of your Golf Equipment.

Replacement Employee: up to £1,500

We will pay you for reasonable additional transport (economy class) and accomodation expenses incurred for a business colleague to replace you in your location abroad.

Green Fees: £75 per day up to £350

You will get cover for any non refundable,pre-paid Green Fees, Golf Equipment hire or tuition fee necessarily unused due to Bodily Injury or illness or your pre-paid golfing activity documentation loss or theft.

Hole-in-One Cover: £75

We will pay you for customary celebratory expensed you incurred within the golf club premises immediately following you achieving a hole-in-one during a competition round.

Optional Wedding/Civil Partnership cover available for an additional premium

Wedding Rings: up to £500 per couple

Your wedding is a special time, but should the worst happen and your wedding ring is lost, damaged or stolen, this option will cover you and your partner.

Wedding Attire: up to £750 per couple

You are cover for the accidental loss of, theft of or damage to your Wedding/Civil Partnership attire which is specifically to be worn by you on your wedding/civil partnership day. The Wedding/Civil Partnership attire means dress, suits, shoes and other accessories bought specially for the Wedding/Civil partnership and make-up, hair styling and flowers paid for or purchased for the Wedding/Civil Partnership forming part of your baggage.

Wedding Gifts: up to £750 per couple

We will pay you if your Wedding/Civil Partnership gifts taken or purchased on the trip for the insured person which have been loss, theft or damage.

Photographs and Videos: up to £750 per couple

If your professional photographer who was booked to take photographs/video recoredings on your Wedding/Civil Partnership day is unable to fulfil due to bodily injury, illness or transport problems or photographs/video recordings taken on day by professional photographer are lost, stolen or damaged within 14 days after the wedding day and whilst you are still at the holiday/honeymoon location, we will cover costs incurred to reprint/make a copy of or retake the either at a later date during the trip or at a venue.

Cruise Cover (valid when you have declared that you are travelling on a cruise)

Missed Port Departure £1000

Cabin Confinement - £100 per day up to £500

Itinerary Change - £150 per port up to £500

Unused Cruise Excursions - £500

Cruise Interruption - £1000

Customer Reviews

“Superb Quality. Each time I have used atlas everything has been straight forward and easy to complete… have always found the operators very helpful.”

Customer via Review Centre

“I have been a customer for about 10yrs and have always found your site easy to use and if I need any help I get it almost immediately. I will continue to use Atlas Direct for all my holiday insurance.”


“Having also had the misfortune to have to make a claim for a dislocated shoulder when skiing in Austria, making a claim for this on my return to the UK, it was dealt with quickly and efficiently without any issues.”


How does Atlasdirect Annual Holiday Insurance compare?

Atlas works hard to get you the best travel cover at a great price that simply cannot be beaten – or we’ll refund the difference plus £1. We checked our holiday insurance prices and cover against the following companies, so you can see for yourself just how good our rates are!

  Medical Cancellation Baggage Price
Atlasdirect † £10 million £3,000 £2,000 £32.45
travelinsurance.co.uk (Silver) £10 million £3,000 £1,500 £36.77
Columbus (Silver) £10 million £3,000 £1,500 £37.12
Insure and Go (Silver) £10 million £5,000 £2,000 £39.99
Post Office (Standard) † £5 million £2,000 £1,500 £45.73
Tesco Bank (Standard) † £5 million £5,000 £1,500 £60.49

The above prices were taken from the relevant companies websites on 28 April 2015, are subject to underwriting rules, excesses, age restrictions and terms and conditions. Atlasdirect policy is with “silver” excess level. Whilst we have attempted a fair comparison in good faith, the above travel insurance prices and cover levels are provided for illustration purposes only – Atlas has no control over 3rd Party websites, coverage or prices – which may have changed or been withdrawn. Items marked with a † have a maximum trip duration of 31 days, the rest have 45 days and were chosen to reflect cover limits. Atlas makes no warranty with respect to other companies prices or cover levels. Prices based on annual travel insurance to Europe for a 32 year old individual with no medical conditions starting on 1st June 2015, without any additional options added.

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