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Travel Insurance Important Info

Travel Insurance Important Info

This Important Information relates to Atlas Travel Insurance Policies issued on or after 5th September 2016.
For Travel Insurance policies issued prior to the above date, please refer to your policy wording or contact Administration for assistance.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
Important Features
Making a Claim


you must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy.

If you do not comply we may at our option cancel the policy or refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment.

It is a condition of this policy that you will not be covered under section 1 – Cancellation, Curtailment or Trip Interruption, section 2 – Medical Emergency and Repatriation, section 3 – Emergency Dental Treatment. section 5 – Hospital Daily Benefit and section 12 – Personal Accident for any claims arising directly or indirectly from:

a) At the time of taking out this policy:

  1. Any medical condition you have, or have had, for which you are taking or have been taking prescribed medication or are waiting to receive, or have received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations) within the last 2 years unless you have contacted Us on 0203 829 6652 and we have agreed, in writing, to cover you.


    If you have only one medical condition and this is one of those shown in the ACCEPTED MEDICAL CONDITION list below then this will be covered under the policy without the need to contact us.

b) At the time of taking out this policy or, if you have an Annual Multi Trip policy, prior to booking a new trip:

  1. Any medical condition for which you, a close relative or a travelling companion have received a terminal prognosis.
  2. Any medical condition for which you, a close relative or a travelling companion are aware of but have not had a diagnosis.
  3. Any medical condition for which you, a close relative or a travelling companion are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.
  4. Any medical condition affecting you, a close relative, a travelling companion or a close business associate that you are aware of that could reasonably be expected to result in a claim on this policy.

c) At any time:

  1. Any medical condition you have which a medical practitioner has advised you not to travel (or would have done so had you sought his/her advice) but despite this you still travel.
  2. Any surgery, treatment or investigations for which you intend to travel outside of Your Home Area to receive (including any expenses incurred due to the discovery of other medical conditions during and/or complications arising from these procedures).
  3. Any medical condition for which you are not taking the recommended treatment or prescribed medication as directed by a medical practitioner.
  4. Your travel against any health requirements stipulated by the carrier, their handling agents or any other Public Transport provider.


If you have only one medical condition and this is one of those shown in the following list, then this will be covered under the policy without the need to contact us. If you have more than one condition you will need to contact us and be medically screened:

Important features

Insurance Policy: this contains details of the cover provided plus the conditions and exclusions which apply to it.

You must read the insurance policy carefully.

• It is essential that you refer to the important conditions relating to health section in the policy wording as failure to comply with these conditions may jeopardise your claim or cover.
• you must tell Atlas as soon as possible of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your travel insurance policy. It is your duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation. Please take reasonable care to answer all our questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t answer our questions correctly, your policy may be cancelled, or your claims rejected or not fully paid.
• If you are travelling to Australia and you require medical treatment you must enrol with a local Medicare office.

Special conditions apply to each section of your policy, please refer to the policy wording for further details.

General Exclusions and Limitations
• Maximum trip durations are as follows:
– Single Trips: 365 days for all destinations except the United States, Canada and the Caribbean 105 days for the United States, Canada and the
– Annual Multi Trips: Unlimited number of trips per policy period with maximum individual trip durations 31, 45 or 60 days – your validation certificate will show the option you have selected.
• Activities and practices shown in paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 of the General Exclusions applicable to all sections of the policy wording are excluded unless shown on your validation certificate.
• Travelling to a country, specific area or event to which the Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the World Health Organisation has advised against all or all but essential travel.
• Wilful, self inflicted injury, solvent abuse, alcohol abuse and the use of drugs.
• Single Trip cover is not available to anyone aged over 79 years. Annual Multi trip cover is not available to anyone aged over 64 years.
• Unlawful actions and any subsequent legal proceedings brought against you.
• War or any act of War whether War is declared or not.
• Terrorism, but this exclusion does not apply to losses under section 2 – Medical Emergency or Repatriation, section 5 – Hospital Daily Benefit and section 12 – Personal Accident unless such losses are caused by nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or acts were already taking place at the beginning of any Trip.

Conditions and Exclusions: there are conditions and exclusions which apply to individual sections and general conditions and exclusions which apply to the whole policy.

Policy Excesses: your policy has an excess which applies to each claim, per section, per insured person for each separate incident. The standard policy excess, applicable to the cover purchased, is shown in the significant features and benefits table of the Policy Summary and in your policy wording. If you have purchased an excess waiver or increased your excess under Section 2 – Medical Emergency or Repatriation, this will be shown on your validation certificate.

Pregnancy: This policy does not cover normal pregnancy, without any accompanying bodily injury, illness, disease or complication. The policy is designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event.

Reasonable Care: you are required to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property and to act as though you are not insured.

Complaints: the insurance policy includes a complaints procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make a complaint.

“Cooling Off” Period / Cancellation Period:
You are free to cancel this policy at any time. If you wish to cancel within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents, you may by writing
to Atlas for a full refund providing you have not travelled and no claim has been made or is intended to be made and no incident likely to
give rise to a claim has occurred. If you cancel after the first 14 days of receipt of the policy documents then no premium refund will be
made. See General conditions applicable to the whole policy in your policy wording for more details.

Hazardous Holiday Activities: the policy may not cover you when you take part in certain hazardous activities (for example, mountaineering). If you want cover for such activities you may need to arrange a specialist policy.

Making a Claim (for policies purchased on or after 5th September 2016 and starting with “ADS” only).

(Making a claim for other policies, refer to your policy wording)

In respect of claims once you have returned to the UK, please first check your policy certificate and the appropriate section of your policy to make sure that what you are claiming for is covered. Then telephone the claims line to notify Us of your claim. Please note that calls are recorded and monitored.

All claims must be notified within 31 days of the incident occurring. For all claims, you will need to send your original insurance certificate and your original holiday booking invoice. Please remember that it is always advisable to keep copies of all documents when submitting your claim form.

Please telephone Atlas Travel Insurance Claims on Tel: 01702 427172 Quoting Atlas16
or write to:

Atlas Travel Insurance Claims
308-314 London Road

When contacting the claims handler, please have the following information to hand;

• your Master Policy Certificate Number (RTXAD40131).
• Name of your policy and where it was purchased.
• Policy Number.
• Resort and Country visited.
• Value of the claim.
• Brief circumstances.
• Travel dates.
• Incident date.

Failure to have the above information to hand may result in your claim being delayed.

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