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  1. Document Overview
    This document in which we present our case as to why we are the best business service provider for you in respect of insurance products, service and technology is provided by the Atlas Group. A partnership with the Atlas Group will enable you to maximize your insurance and supplier services for the benefit of your clients.
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  2. Introduction
    Atlas Group is a dynamic, expanding Insurance provider that specialises in managing Travel Insurance at a variety of levels. The reputation of its Directors and employees for fast, efficient and professional service has ensured that the Group's list of working partners has increased rapidly.

    The key to this success is based on the following principles:

     Expertise. Through the direct experience of the Directors and Employees a complete understanding of the 'life' cycle of the Travel Insurance sector has been gained, incorporating: underwriting, policy wording development, broking, distribution, medical screening and claims management.

     Technology. The Group has, through UK Solutions, developed a fully integrated computer system that is accepted as one of the leading systems available. This investment ensures that the services offered to our business partners operate at maximum efficiency and enables us to provide detailed up to date information for analyisis when requested.

     Employees. All our employees have a wide experience of this and other industries and are all committed to the success not only of Atlas Group but also of our partners.

      Flexibility. W e are experienced in working with different partners with differing needs and with the aid of our staff and technology; we can cater for all your travel insurance needs.

     Cost. With a thorough understanding of your needs and the aid of leading edge technology we are able to work more cost effectively than many of our competitors.

    With the above points in mind we know that we can work together with you to provide a high level of service and support and fulfil the service requirements as set out in section 3 of this presentation.
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  3. Atlas Group History
    Atlas Insurance was established in 1992 from a small office in West London. Three years later, after a dramatic growth in business, it was necessary to move to a modern three-story office block in North London, where Atlas Group continues their business operations.

    To adapt to market requirements Atlas Insurance has developed six separate autonomous, yet tightly integrated companies that provide services and solutions to a varied customer base, from individual policy holders to tour operators, travel agents and tourist boards.

    Atlas Insurance provides, through various Lloyds based intermediaries and non-Lloyds insurance companies underwriting facilities and wholesale administration of travel insurance to brokers, travel agents and direct specialists. Working closely with the industry regulators, the ABI and now the FCA we ensure that all our travel insurance products are sold within the ever-tightening codes of conduct.

    Atlas Direct was formed in 1993, in response to demand within the UK for travel insurance to be sold directly to the public. 'Atlas Direct' has grown into a full call centre with sophisticated integrated telephone and computer systems which along with our highly trained staff enables us to manage the direct sale of both our own and affinity partner products.

    UK Solution Systems Ltd was founded following our recognition of the importance of technology in the modern travel insurance market. Atlas has always been the first to utilize technology and have developed the Liberty Travel Insurance System which is now used throughout the industry. This has resulted in Atlas becoming the first truly integrated travel insurance intermediary, with Atlas Travel Insurance for Agents and Affinity Partners, the Atlas Direct call centre and a Web Engine designed to support both companies. Today 'UK Solution Systems' Ltd continues to develop and market their systems throughout the UK and Europe with Atlas remaining at the forefront of any technical developments.

    Atlas Claims, was established in accordance with the Atlas philosophy, of offering a complete travel insurance services package. It ensures that the high level of service to which clients are entitled is maintained after they have purchased their Atlas policy. Claims handling is perhaps the most complex and sensitive aspect of travel insurance, with a number of issues that have to be resolved to ensure that a client's claim is dealt with efficiently and compassionately. The manner in which scheme claims are handled can have a major effect on the reputation of both the issuing company and agent. 

    Atlas Healthcheck again follows the Atlas philosophy. Atlas Healthcheck takes detailed medical information from policyholders to establish whether medical conditions suffered by the policyholder, their travelling companions, or relatives can be fully covered under the policy or whether additional terms are required before cover can be provided.

    Together these companies compliment each other and employ over 50 staff with many of our Directors and managers have over 10 years experience in insurance and the travel industry. All the Atlas companies have been highly successful in their own right and combine to provide one of the most complete service providers within the UK travel industry.

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  4. Management Summary
    Atlas Group believes that, in conjunction with your company, it can deliver the very highest standard of service and support for the travel insurance services that you wish to offer your customers, by providing:

    To the Insured

     Quality insurance products and services in a fast, efficient, personal, friendly and above all professional manner.
     An efficient claims service that settles valid claims swiftly and with as little fuss as possible. Our professional staff and advanced computer systems allow us to minimise the time taken to deal with claims, thereby reducing the need for the claimant to contact us, which greatly reduces the inherent stress caused when making a claim.
     Advice on the policy wording to ensure that the possibility for misunderstanding at the point of sale or claim is negligible.

    To the Business Partner

     An assurance that your clients will be dealt with in the same highly efficient manner as you deal with them, which increases satisfaction and retention.
     Information in relation to the claims made by your clients.
     Assistance with policy wording and stationary to produce the optimum product for your clients.
     Proper and professional management of the premium income and claim payments in conjunction with you and the insurer to allow development of a high quality yet cost effective insurance product.

    In addition due to Atlas's commitment to providing innovative solutions, as shown in the sections below, additional benefits could be achieved to those detailed above.

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  5. Technology
    Atlas uses the Liberty X-32 system in its administration process. This system has been developed in conjunction with U.K. Solutions who also produce Active Liberty a front-end system for sales and distribution of Travel Insurance.

    The system is written using a Microsoft SQL 6.5 Server with a visual basic 6.0 front end. This provides an extremely flexible and scaleable solution to both our current and future needs. By working closely with U.K. Solutions we have the added benefit of having access to industry leading solutions that would normally only be available to significantly larger companies.

    The system is highly efficient and amongst other things has the following features:

    •  Personalised claims form production
    •  Call Logging
    •  Full claims reporting system e.g. by agent, area, section, period, amount, adjuster
    •  Recoveries module
    •  Multi-currency facility
    •  Reserve facility
    •  Risk Analysis
    •  Data import and export facilities
    •  Premium income Vs claims report to show scheme profitability
    As a result of our close links with U.K. Solutions almost any client requirement can be catered for within the system.The system works over a network and is flexible enough to deal with any volume of insurance product and hence unexpected increases in activity can be dealt with easily by the system. The multi-currency facility will ensure that when the ECU is introduced that the system will be able to cope with this.
    We are able and U.K. Solutions are used to, producing Interface Modules for our systems to allow communication with both Principles and Business Partners.

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  6. Partnership Working
    The Atlas Group provides a flexible, efficient and more importantly an effective solution to suit your needs and those of your business partners. We will provide as much or as little assistance as you require. In order, however, to ensure that a quality service is provided, we feel that a minimum level of involvement will be required as follows:

     Contract agreement. To ratify the business agreement between our two companies, which would include details of reporting requirements, remuneration, working practices and service standards.

     Initial briefing. To discuss your 'client ethos', interpretation of wording and the methods of managing the travel insurance services - which will be tailor made for you.

     Technology issues. Due to our high level of involvement with technology, it will be important to ensure that reporting and control systems are compatible with those of your company and it's business partners, the flexibility afforded by our system should ensure that this process will not impact too greatly on you.

     Review meetings / Renewal process. We feel that periodic review (especially at renewal) is essential. All parties should meet at least annually to discuss the success of the relationship, to ascertain how much or how little progress is being made and to discuss whether the service can be improved.
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  7. Insurance Products
    Product Overview

    With various Lloyds and non-Lloyds underwriters we strive to produce the most comprehensive, yet competitively priced policies in the market.

    Working closely with our dedicated team of underwriters, the Atlas Group has established a portfolio of insurance policies designed to meet particular customer requirements. The following examples are policies we would recommend to you.

     Comprehensive Cover. Continues to be our core product providing full cover under 15 benefit sections for clients travelling to destinations in Europe and the rest of the World. There are pricing structures for individuals, families, single parents, couples and for different age bands, which combined with various optional covers like winter sports and golf allows us to provide cover appropriate to each individual clients needs at highly competitive rates.

     Flight Cover. Is most appropriate for clients, it provides a good level of cover and excellent value for money for the policyholder. Accommodation cover is limited and so this product is best suited for those travelling on flight only, mini-break or short stay trips or for the independent traveller.

     Annual Multi Trip. This policy is designed to give the frequent traveller greater freedom by removing the hassle and expense of having to arrange travel insurance prior to each and every trip. It has the same level of cover as the comprehensive policy and includes 17 days Winter sports cover.

     Pioneer (backpacking) Cover. Is specifically designed for those aged under 35 years, traveling on a tight budget and requiring a reasonable level of cover in respect of certain key areas, such as medical expenses, for an extended duration.

     Coach Cover. Provides low cost cover for clients wishing to travel by ferry and coach, primarily within the United Kingdom and Europe. Policy limits in respect of some sections of the policy are reduced for example cancellation as the greater sum insured provided by the comprehensive policy is not necessary, however excesses are also reduced.

     Bespoke Products. We can arrange tailored insurance products that meet the needs of an individual agent and their clients, even to the extent that the policy carries your brand rather than that of the Atlas Group!

    Please note that the upper age limit for travellers is 65 years, should your customer base include a significant number of this age group, a Bespoke Product can be arranged.

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  8. Sales Support
    Account Maintenance

    We consider the provision of the highest quality customer service to be of paramount importance. To ensure this, each of our accounts is assigned to an individual account manager, which enables prompt action should any issues arise. Training and marketing support are also made available where appropriate and regular contact is maintained with all account holders.

    Our attention to detail and commitment to providing high quality services has earned us the reputation for being one of the leading companies in a highly competitive industry. We provide travel insurance services for over 300 travel agents and tour operators and pride ourselves on retaining our business partners - many of our leading accounts have been with us since the early days of the company.

    The Group has maintained a good working relationship with its underwriters over the years, which has resulted in Atlas's being the most cost effective travel insurance product on the market. Remarkably, for a period of 7 years between 1993 and 2000, our rates remained unchanged while competitors were applying substantial increases.

    Sales Support

    As a result of high growth in our first three years of operation, we established ourselves as a major player in a fast growing market. In the year 2000, Atlas Travel Insurance serviced over 175,000 transactions. Our ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market will ensure the continuation of this trend of rapid but sustainable growth.

    Our sales support team only deals with travel insurance products and is backed by the same integrated phone and computer system used in the Atlas Direct call centre. This allows us to provide a dedicated telephone line and answering service to all our commercial business partners together with personal banking and stationery to meet your requirements. The Internet servers are situated on-site and integrate with our main database allowing for true web integration. 

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  9. Web Integration
    Web Strategy

    All of our web servers are hosted within our own offices allowing complete control of the internet package. The Web Engine that we use transacts thousands of polices a week for a number of sites in the UK, Spain, France, Australia and Netherlands, in 4 different languages. The Atlas Group continues to view the Internet as the largest potential outlet for travel insurance in Europe over the next 10 years. Whilst being concerned about making price 'hiking' claims and so called 'e-business' potential, travel insurance genuinely lends itself well to being transacted over the internet with great ease.

    Web Sales

    The 'Atlas Direct' website (www.atlasdirect.net) provides a portal into our offices as an alternative to using the call centre. The Atlas site has been designed to offer tailor made quotations, based on our many pricing options. This is not a simple 'days*adults=price' site. The information entered on the site goes directly into our central database and is available to call centre staff immediately should the client have any questions or issues with the transaction. All documentation is automatically emailed and posted to the client.

    Web Claims

    An Online claims facility is currently under development. This additional service is scheduled to be launched by the end of the summer season, and as with all our developments, is carefully designed, implemented and integrated.

    Web Reports

    Uniquely we are also working on online reports for affiliate partners so, with the correct security, they can view daily sales and volumes on a real time basis.

    Commission Structure (Affinity Partners)

    Our partners are afforded an agreed level of commission. This provides partners with useful revenues whilst increasing the awareness of their own products and services and leads to added value for the customers.

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  10. Implementation Plan
    The Atlas Group expects to be able to offer the agreed service within 30 days of notification that it has been awarded a contract. The areas, which are seen as important to this process, are:

    Recruitment and Training. Whilst we have an existing team of experienced staff. It is recognised that this team will need to be increased to service an additional contract of the level indicated. To this end we have already identified a significant number of key personnel that would be approached on the award of the contract. Once the dedicated team is assembled, training will take place in conjunction with you and its business partners to ensure that all staff are conversant with the needs of the various parties.

    Systems amendments and compatibility. As indicated in "3. Partnership Working" above the current systems will need to be modified as appropriate to ensure reporting requirements are met and that the data is compatible with all parties' systems.

    Legal Agreements. These will need to be negotiated and entered into to ensure a thorough understanding by all parties concerned of their duties and responsibilities.

    Working practices. The Group will ensure that client-working practices are implemented. These first need to be defined and then staff trained (see above) prior to implementation.

    Accommodation / Space planning. We will ensure that the dedicated team works in an efficient environment and so reorganisation of the office will be required. Consideration has already been given to this issue however plans cannot be confirmed as they will need to consider the working practices and service standards agreed between the parties.

    Communication. The Group will arrange appropriate facilities for telephone, fax, e-mail and post. These will depend very much on your requirements.

    Brand issues. Should you require, we will arrange for stationery to be branded with your logo. In addition, amendments to computer generated insurance policies and telephone-answering methods will be tailored to your requirements.

    Each of the above areas will be worked on concurrently and we are confident that the issues can be addressed within the 30 days time scale.
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  11. Customer Services
    We fully understand the delicate issue of Customer services in relation to Travel Insurance Management.

    As outlined previous all of our staff are experienced and trained in dealing with claimants in an understanding and empathetic manner. This enhanced by regular meetings between the dedicated team and Management together with regular meetings with our business partners. Early feedback for new schemes will ensure that possible improvements are highlighted and resolved at the earliest opportunity and aid customer service throughout the life of the scheme.

    We will tailor our service to meet your requirements, in addition to the requirements of section 3 of this presentation incorporate the following if required:

    •  Personalised call answering - both to the client and claimant using our technology and ISDN telephone line technology.
    •  FREEPHONE telephone number facility.
    •  FREEPOST service for claim form return.
    •  Automated phone routing system.
    •  E-mail claim facilities.
    •  Customer service surveys.
    •  Issue of ABI code of conduct at point of issue of the policy.
    •  Produce reports on levels of calls, times of calls, and speed response.
    •  Produce reports and analysis on the level of claims, premium and speed of response.
    •  Payment of Claim by either cheque or transfer.
    In addition to the above there will be the facility for you to have direct on-line or off-line access to clients files on an enquiry basis.

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  12. Claims Handling
    The Atlas Claims team is very experienced and has skills and knowledge gained from a full understanding of the Travel Insurance Market at different levels and capacities.

    Apart from adjusting claims, Atlas Claims regularly becomes involved in the review of the policy wording. This involvement not only provides feedback from claimant's misunderstandings; it also assists in gaining an understanding of the intent of the wording on behalf of the underwriter and distributor.

    Atlas Claims produces personalised claims forms from the system addressed to the individual claimant and which only asks questions related to the section of the policy under which the claimant is claiming. Claims are allocated a number at this point and reserves entered into the system. This facilitates tracking of claims and also adjusting as a number of points can be dealt with at the point of claim form request.

    We liase and deal with appointed Medical Assistance and Cost Containment Companies as required and can assist with their appointment if necessary. We recognises the importance of the Assistance Company in the whole process of medical care, customer service and cost containment and will therefore work together with the Assistance company to ensure that the appropriate service levels are not compromised.

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  13. Recoveries
    Atlas Claims has a wealth of experience in the area of recoveries. However we initially concentrate our efforts on claim mitigation rather than on obtaining recoveries, in this way there is a cash flow benefit to the insurer thereby reducing their involvement. Of course, Atlas Claims would be happy to pursue recoveries and reduce the necessity for claimants to claim from other parties, if required.

    The level of recoveries to be achieved will differ from account to account depending on the type of trips covered and the profile of travellers. In addition the claims mitigation process will have an impact on the level of recoveries. In all instances we will ensure that the claims cost is reduced as efficiently as possible.

    The level of recoveries will also be affected by the level of involvement, and relationship, with the Assistance Company. The Assistant Company can assist the process of recoveries and claims mitigation in the way it deals with the medical institutions (particularly in the USA and Spain), collection of excesses, purchase of flights and many other areas.

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  14. Reporting
    Our systems can be adapted as required by you to report on any facet of the claims handling process. The following areas can be reported upon:

    •  Claims reporting system e.g. by scheme, product, area, section, period, amount etc….
    •  Customer service statistics e.g. level of claims, speed of response.
    •  Recoveries.
    Reports can be run as frequently as required and can be on both cumulative and / or incremental basis. All claims can be produced on paper, disk, or downloaded as required.

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  15. Staff
    We only employ highly qualified and motivated staff, with regular 'on the job' training undertaken and team meetings ensure information and communication are disseminated effectively. If necessary we will operate a shift system to ensure that the required hours of operation are met.As mentioned in "4. Implementation Plan" the company will supplement its team to provide a dedicated team to deal with this contract.

    In order to deal with short-term increases in activity Atlas is developing a team of Part time administration and adjusters. These part time staff will be trained to meet your requirements prior to them being assigned to the dedicated team so that any learning curve is minimised in the event that their services are required.

    We will discuss with you whether the upturn in claims notifications is short term or long term. In the event that the increased is seen to be a permanent increase in activity then recruitment will take place accordingly.

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  16. Emergency Contingency Plan
    The Group has detailed plans in event of a disaster and routinely carries out duplicate daily system back-ups. These backups are then taken off site and transmitted by modem to an alternative site as required.

    We also have longstanding arrangements for alternative accommodation and equipment to ensure our business could be up and running within 24 hours

    The Group has a full 8 hour response maintenance agreement with U.K. Solutions to ensure systems are up and running in a timely fashion should systems fail.

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  17. Telephone adjusting - Pilot Scheme
    Atlas Claims is equipped with the staff and technology to provide an ideal platform for a pilot scheme for telephone claims adjusting.

    The company already produces individually tailored claims forms having taken details from the telephone. This process is a very important first step towards being able to adjust claims over the phone. Travel claims are high volume / low value and are therefore ideal for an adjusting process of this type.

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  18. Conclusion
    The Atlas Group offers our partners the ability to deliver added value its existing and new customers. We operate within an increasingly regulated market and excel in conveying to the public and corporate bodies by way of the web, display materials and an informative call centre the complexity and necessity of travel insurance protection.

    A good, healthy and profitable relationship between partners is achievable only by delivering excellent service to the partnerships mutual clients at all times and this is Atlas's core objective when entering any new business relationship. 

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